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What happens if have to stop work
because of ill health?

If ill health forces you to retire early, you will receive an immediate pension provided you have completed five years' Contributory Service and you have the consent of the Company and the Trustees. Your pension will be based on:

your Final Pensionable Pay at the date you leave; and

the Pensionable Service you had completed; plus
a percentage of your possible future service to Normal Pension Age, ranging from 50% to 100%.

No reduction is made to your pension for early payment.

The Trustee has discretion to increase or reduce ill-health pensions. The Trustee's decision will take account of medical evidence and will allow for factors such as severity of illness and ability to continue some form of employment. In exceptional circumstances, the Trustee may waive the five-year qualification period. Continued payment of the pension may depend upon medical certification.